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Spry Gems - Xylitol Mints 40 count

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Spry Gems, Xlear's newest addition to the Spry Dental Defense System, makes the #1 line of xylitol products better than ever by providing an even healthier, tastier treat for the whole family. Traditional candies, and, even other xylitol-based sweets, often add a variety of acids to their formulas in order to give a tarter, tangier flavor. These acids, however, also create lower pH levels that can be damaging to teeth and oral tissues.

Specially formulated to create and maintain a healthy pH level (5.8 to 7.5), Spry Gems offer the clinically proven benefits of all-natural xylitol with a pH-balanced formula to help protect and preserve oral health. Xlear developed Spry Gems using innovative flavor profiles to give them an even better taste while preserving their health-promoting benefits. Consumers don't have to sacrifice flavor for health. Using a blend of xylitol and natural flavorings, Xlear offers the best of both worlds: Great taste and good oral health, so consumers can have their candy and eat it too!

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