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"I found Jill's course to be very informative and enlightening.  I believe that all dentists should be reviewing this information to ensure the best possible care for our patients battling cancer."

Dr. D. Boettcher 
Dental Park, Manitowoc, WI


"We were very excited to bring Jill to our office to share her presentation with the entire "Dental Park Team". Jill's presentation was very detailed and informative for everyone from the Business Office team, Dental Assistants, Hygienists to the Doctors.  In order to give our patients battling cancer the best possible care, I believe that every health care professional should be aware of the information that Jill provided."

L. Reif, Office Manager 
Dental Park, Manitowoc, WI


"We recommend hiring Side Effects Support to any medical or dental office. The information is invaluable. Jill is a well trained professional that teaches prevention and delivers this information in a very understandable, easy manner. It is a great presentation. All staff members can use this information in some way in the office."

Howard Dental Center

Green Bay, WI


"Jill has been very helpful answering all of our questions in dealing and treating a patient that was recently diagnosed with oral cancer. He, in turn, was very happy with the information we were able to provide him!"

J. Henry, RDH 
Door County Dental Care, Sturgeon Bay, WI


"Jill has such a vast knowledge of oral cancer and care for oral cancer patients. She has been so generous with her time to educate the dental hygiene students about resources and care options for oral cancer patients. She helps the students to better understand what the patients go through, and all that they can do as a provider to make a difference. Sharing her knowledge on this subject with the students has been invaluable. She is able to answer all questions presented, and is very passionate about oral cancer and patient care. We are very lucky to have her share her expertise! Thanks Jill for all you do!"

Lisa Bahr, RDH, MEd. 
WCTC Dental Hygiene Program Coordinator