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Side Effect Support Oral Care Kit Version #3

Side Effect Support Oral Care Kit Version #3

Side Effect Support LLC
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A sampling of products that are free of irritating ingredients to relieve dry mouth symptoms while protecting tender tissues and keeping teeth strong. 


Professionally printed "Cancer Treatments & Oral Health" informational brochure with discount code for next order

4 oz. Squigle Enamel Saver (cleans and protects teeth with no irritating detergents and mild flavor)

GUM Post-Operation Extra Soft, Compact-head Toothbrush to gently clean teeth and tissue

1 IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield to protect toothbrush from germs

1.7 oz OraCoat XyliGel Dry Mouth & Lip for dry mouth

3.4 oz CloSYS Rinse

1 oz Spry Moisturizing Mouth Spray or Moisyn Mist for dry mouth

1 oz Ice Chips Xylitol Candy (Berry or Lemon)




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