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Your Help Is Needed For Oral Chemotherapy Parity Legislation

Wisconsin residents take note!  This is an issue currently affecting your state. Residents outside of WI can find out HERE where your state stands on Oral Chemotherapy Parity. See our article entitled "How Oral Chemotherapy Access Laws Affect Your Patients" for more details and facts regarding Oral Chemotherapy Access legislation.

How you can help:

The Wisconsin Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) is seeking patient stories from those who have taken self-administered anti-cancer medications and had to pay exorbitant co-payments or co-insurance because the drug was covered under your prescription drug benefits rather than your medical benefits. Examples of these medications include Gleevec ®, Isclusig ®, Revlimid ®, Pomalyst ®, Exjade ®, Tasigna ®, and Thalomid ®. Our state legislators need to hear about those who would be positively impacted by passing an oral chemotherapy access bill.

Since 2010, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has led bipartisan legislation to ensure that cancer patients have equal access to anti-cancer medications, whether the drugs are delivered by IV/ infusion or in a pill form. Last session's "oral chemo parity" bill was co-sponsored by 43 legislators in Wisconsin- half Republicans, half Democrats--making the issue the most bipartisan of the session. The bill however did not move forward and was not passed into law.

Today, co-authors of the bill, Senator Alberta Darling and Representative Pat Strachota are prepared to re-introduce the bill in the upcoming weeks! There is so much momentum behind this issue. To date, 26 states and D.C. have passed similar legislation... meaning HALF of the nation has successfully passed this type of legislation! LET'S BE NEXT, WISCONSIN!

We hope you will join this exciting movement in Wisconsin and join in helping LLS in passing this bill! For further clarification or greater detail about the LLS' Advocacy efforts, please contact us. All information shared is confidential and "what's next" will be discussed prior to any disclosure of your information.


Christina Lee, Patient Services Manager


More information can also be found on the Wisconsin Coalition for Cancer Treatment Access (WCCTA) Facebook page

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