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The Magic of Xylitol – for those with cancer

The Magic of Xylitol – for those with cancer

Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH
Practice Limited to Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

You know xylitol. It’s a sugar substitute that comes from plants. Some people get a gurgling stomach when they eat it in candies or baked goods, and it’s made by the body! Some of the keto diet people are warning against it as it has a small, tiny, impact on glucose levels although xylitol is listed as 0 carbs. I bet you don’t know about the benefits of a xylitol containing nasal spray.

Let’s talk about nose breathing for a second. Sick people breathe with their mouths open for much of the day. Nose breathing has some important benefits, including what we learned in fourth grade, that the nose warms and moisturizes the air and the nose hairs pick up particles. What most people don’t learn is how important snot is and the vital gas produced in the nose that kills bacteria and virus. Which is why mouth breathing is so detrimental.

When we breathe through the nose, bacteria and virus get trapped in the ever-moving mucus made by the cells in the nose. That’s great! What about the germs that get through without getting trapped, or what if the mucus is slow, sluggish, or dry? Enter nitric oxide. Nitric oxide (NO) is a gas produced in the nose by cells in the lining. Nitric oxide is a deadly gas if you are a bacterium or a virus. On the other hand, if you are a cell in the cardiovascular system, you relax. When NO is low, high blood pressure can result given enough time. In the lungs, the relaxed blood vessels exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide better. Dry or sluggish mucus interferes with NO production, ouch.

Here comes the bit about xylitol in a nasal spray. Xylitol works two ways: one it keeps the mucus flowing. The spray itself helps, but the xylitol penetrates the mucus (really a combination of the mucus produced by the cells and a sticky substance made by early colonizer bacteria) and keeps everything flowing toward the back of the throat and you swallow it. All the functions of the mucus are enhanced because fluid mucus traps more inhaled junk (including airborne allergens) then sluggish or hardened mucus. Without this step, the junk in the air must be trapped by the tonsils! Fat chance. The impurities go right to the lungs, and by impurities, I mean pollen, smog, bacteria, yeast, and viruses.

So, that was one. Secondly, studies on the sinus volume show that with habitual use (for two weeks) increases the sinus volume by nearly 50%. That means that there is more room to breathe nasally. The sinuses act more like they are supposed to.

For those undergoing cancer treatments, Xlear nasal spray is soothing to the tissues, hydrating the cells by acting like a moisture sponge getting moisture out of the air!  All these things together conspire to improve your airway and make breathing better.

The newest research is showing that xylitol with grapefruit seed extract, in the combination Xlear Nasal Spray, kill the SARS CoV2 virus. This combination interferes with the cell wall of the virus, it explodes. As the benefits of Xlear nasal spray continue to pour in using this magic potion twice a day (two squirts in each nostril) everyone, including those undergoing cancer treatments, will be able to breathe better at any age.

Xlear nasal spray was originally developed for use in children with ear infections by Dr. Lon Jones for his own patients. Kids as young as a few months can benefit. If your baby is not breathing with their mouth closed all the time, it’s time to find out why. While you’re doing that Xlear is a safe product using safe ingredients to help. The body is meant to be healthy, Xlear makes that happen easily with two squirts twice a day.

How to use Xlear Nasal spray
1. Clear the nose – either using the traditional nose blowing into a tissue or the Buteyko Nose Clearing Exercise.
2. Insert the tip of the spray into the nostril
3. Exhale, then as you activate the spray inhale through the nose deeply, then repeat in the same nostril.
4. Repeat in the second nostril.
5. Do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night or when necessary through the day.
Using xylitol nasal spray will relieve your allergy symptoms, quicken a cold, and open the sinus so mouth breathing doesn’t have to be your only option.


Shirley Gutkowski is the primary practitioner and co-owner of Primal Air, LLC OMT and Breathing retraining where she and her team help patients stop snoring, chew better, and help get teeth straight. You can contact Primal Air or Shirley Gutkowski at or learn more from or their Facebook page.


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