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Get Your Spit Together! Your saliva may hold the secret to better dental checkups

Get Your Spit Together! Your saliva may hold the secret to better dental checkups

When it comes to your oral health…spit matters!

Get Your Spit Together is a written collaboration by North American Registered Dental Hygienists that are passionate about saliva and its role in dental health and dental disease. The chapters will discuss the many aspects of saliva, with special consideration about the quantity and the quality of this important liquid in the oral cavity to influence oral health.

Each chapter is written by a dental hygienist that has special focus or experience with the topic of that section. The writers focus on 7 key areas. These are:

1. Plaque Biofilm 101. What is lurking in your spit?
2. Does what you eat affect your spit? Let’s talk nutrition and saliva.
3. Xerostomia “zee-ruh-stow-mee-uh”. The detriments of a dry mouth.
4. Keep it in neutral. How does acidity affect the oral cavity?
5. Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders. Now, THAT’S a real mouthful!
6. Tipping the balance toward health with oral probiotics.
7. Communication Breakdown? Ask MORE of your dental provider.

Some of these topics may have familiarity based on your own experience, or the experience of your family members- or your patients, if you are a dental professional! The content may surprise you, inform you and encourage you to take your saliva into account when looking for ways to improve your oral health or that of your family.

The authors will take you down discovery lane and describe the certain conditions and environmental factors that influence saliva. Be prepared to learn all about spit and all its protective factors in the oral cavity! Not only does adequate saliva influence your comfort and eating ability, it can directly promote or hinder the health of your teeth and gums.

Each author has been asked to present their topic in a way that teaches the reader, entertains them, provides practical solutions, and enables action steps toward improvements in oral health. This information will ultimately help you communicate better with your own dental care providers for the benefit of your oral health.

We hope you enjoy learning about how to Get Your Spit Together!

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