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Get Your Free Copy Of "The Laryngectomee Guide"

Get Your Free Copy Of "The Laryngectomee Guide"

Thanks to the support of Atos Medical, a free paperback copy of "The Laryngectomee Guide" by Dr. Itzhak Brooks is now available. A Laryngectomy is defined as the removal of the larynx and separation of the airway from the mouth, nose and esophagus. In a total laryngectomy the entire larynx is removed and in a partial laryngectomy only a portion is taken out. The laryngectomee breathes through an opening in the neck known as a stoma.

According to Dr. Brooks, "The 170 pages guide provides practical information assisting laryngectomees and their caregivers in dealing with medical, dental and psychological issues. The guide contains information about the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy; the methods of speaking after laryngectomy; and how to care for the airway, stoma, heat and moisture exchanger filter, and voice prosthesis. In addition it addresses eating and swallowing issues, medical, dental and psychological concerns, respiration and anesthesia, and travelling as a laryngectomee."

A form to get your free copy can be downloaded HERE. A free E-book of the guide can also be downloaded from Dr. Brook's website.

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