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emmi®-dent oral waver™ ~ Touchless pain-free oral care, even for the most sensitive teeth and gums.

emmi®-dent oral waver™ ~ Touchless pain-free oral care, even for the most sensitive teeth and gums.

Maintaining good oral care habits during cancer treatments can be a challenge.

  • Medications and procedures used to treat a variety of cancers can cause mouth problems, including tender oral tissue and open sores called oral mucositis. 
  • Mouth problems may be a temporary concern for some, while others may struggle with limitations long after cancer treatments are complete.
  • Avoiding brushing encourages bacterial growth and inflammation, which makes the problems worse.
  • Bristles of conventional manual or electric toothbrushes cannot reach below gum-line/inside gum pockets and oral crevices, where pathogenic plaque accumulates.
  • Accelerated build-up of harmful bacterial plaque triggers a delayed healing process, increasing risks for mouth sores and potentially dangerous infections.

emmi®-dent oral waver™ 100% Ultrasound provides:

  • Touchless, zero abrasion (RDA=0) pain free micro-cleaning without brushing
  • Removes harmful bacteria with no risk to irritate inflamed gums or open wounds.
  • Nano-cleaning bubbles reach deep inside gum pockets/below the gum-line and in-between tiny crevices – eliminating harmful bacteria where conventional bristles cannot reach.
  • Restores the natural healthy balance in the mouth, leading to cleaner teeth and healthier gums.

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