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The Non-Invasive Caries Therapy Guide

The Non-Invasive Caries Therapy Guide

CareQuest's Non-Invasive Caries Therapy Guide is an illustrated manual on diagnostics, preventives, and therapeutics to fight dental caries without removing tooth structure, including instructions and tips to:

  • Differentiate active vs. arrested caries lesions
  • Apply silver diamine fluoride, self-assembling peptide P11-4, and more
  • Perform the Hall Technique

Goals of the Guide

  • Increase access to care by decreasing reliance on invasive dentistry
  • Transform the oral health workforce by empowering non-dentists to manage dental caries
  • Improve clinical outcomes by optimizing clinical technique
  • Lower barriers to adopting evidence-based techniques

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NOTE: In January 2023, CPT code 0792T was published for Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) treatment. This Category III code will allow medical offices to track and bill for SDF treatments in medical practices. This new code goes into effect in July of 2023.

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