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ONCOllab - the collaborative cancer care mobile application that improves the management of oral complications

To ensure that patients receiving cancer therapy get the best care, it is essential for cancer care teams and the wider healthcare teams to collaborate in order to prevent and manage complications in a timely manner. ONCOllab: The oral care guide for cancer care teams – developed by FDI in collaboration with the International Society of Oral Oncology (ISOO) and with the support of valued partner Zendium – aims to provide a tool that enables cancer care team to manage the oral complications that may arise during the cancer treatment of their patients.

ONCOllab is a step forward towards closing the care gap and taking action together for better patient care. The mobile application can be downloaded on all iOS and Android devices. Download the app and spread the word amongst your colleagues to improve the treatment journey of cancer patients.


The Oral Health and Cancer: Collaborative Care and Patient Education Project is supported by Zendium.

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