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Benefits of the Whole-Office Learning Experience on Oral Care for Cancer Survivors within the Dental Practice

It's happened to all of us in healthcare; we attend a seminar with new and exciting information that we believe will help to implement significant changes within our workplace. We truly believe this newly found knowledge will assist us as professionals and, most importantly, benefit our patients. Yet, we return to the office, trying hard to relay the multitude of information gathered, only to have coworkers fail to understand the value of what we have learned and inevitably fall into the same routine with little to no change.

Many continuing education programs that focus on oral care for oncology patients are fully directed towards dentists and hygienists, but all positions within our practices play a vital part in providing complete care to our patients. Their value should not be underestimated or dismissed.

I wholeheartedly believe that the best way - the only way - to provide the most comprehensive care to our patients who are survivors of cancer is for everyone within the staff to have a basic understanding of the complications that they may face. Each staff member, whether working administratively or providing clinical care, can make or break a patient experience. Confident communication is vital with the survivor as well as his or her oncology team. The clinical staff can only be effective with accurate information gathered by the front desk and vice versa, especially when dealing with the unique needs of oncology survivors.

I am excited, through Side Effect Support, to offer a whole-office learning experience to dental staff. Just as dental professionals crave the model of integrated care with medical providers, we must also follow the same example within our own practices by empowering each staff member to serve our patients with the highest quality.

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