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The Anti-Cancer Club

It has been a pleasure to work closely with the Anti-Cancer Club to provide a resource for oral health information for those facing a cancer diagnosis. While often an overlooked aspect of cancer care, oral health and oral side effects can greatly affect quality-of-life and treatment outcomes. Damage to oral health that develops through the treatment process can have a significant long-term negative impact on overall health, requiring additional time consuming and costly care in a population that is already heavily burdened emotionally and financially.

The Anti-Cancer Club’s mission is to help others take charge of their health, “whether it's Day 1 or Day 1001 of your cancer experience.” Offering a variety of subject matter, such as nutrition, the mind-body connection, “Real Life Real Stories”, Cancer Guides and #AllThingsCancer”, the Anti-Cancer Club is one of the few online cancer support resources offering information on oral health. 

Partnering with my colleague and friend, Jennifer Brown, RDH, articles have been authored to educate cancer survivors on side effects that may occur with certain types of treatments and tips to manage these complications through prevention and product selection. According to Pat Wetzel, founder of the Anti-Cancer Club, "I am so very grateful for Jill and Jennifer and the information they bring to our audience. Oral health is often overlooked during cancer treatment (as I found out) and can have serious lifelong consequences. Education is key. Jill and Jennifer provide the information people need to be aware and seek the care they need and deserve."

Existing articles and interviews include The Unique Oral Health Needs of:

#AllThingsCancer Videos:

Additional articles:

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