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Prescription Strength Relief for Dry Mouth and Mouth Sores

Dry Mouth and mouth sores are both common complaints for those undergoing treatments for cancer. Treatments for some types of cancer can leave permanent damage to the saliva glands, causing long-term discomfort and complications of Dry Mouth.

If you find that over-the-counter products are not enough to relieve your Dry Mouth symptoms, or if cancer treatments are putting you at risk for developing mouth sores, there is help! A new prescription strength product called SalivaMAX is now available to you. SalivaMAX is a supersaturated calcium phosphate powder that is mixed with water to form a solution clinically proven to not only relieve  Dry Mouth symptoms, but also to reduce the severity and increase healing of mouth sores.

Get relief delivered to your door by printing out the prescription HERE and taking it to your physician or dentist. He or she can fill in the information and fax the prescription to (888)462-6119.

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