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We are pleased to announce the addition of great new oral health products to Side Effect Support!

Spry Gems™ Xylitol Mints

Spry Gems combine the tooth-protecting properties of xylitol with a tasty, pH-balanced formula to maintain the health of teeth, gums and oral tissues.

• pH-balanced formula for improved oral health

• All-natural ingredients

• Five new refreshing flavors: Berry, Cinnamon, Lemon Crème, Peppermint & Spearmint

• Provides calcium for increased tooth enamel remineralization

• High xylitol content ensures efficacy

• Refreshing taste

• Dentist & hygienist recommended

• Xylitol naturally increases salivation and moisturizes the mouth

Kid's Spry Tooth Gel (Xylitol Tooth Gel)

Kid's Spry Tooth Gel has been especially developed to be used in building the oral health of infants and children. Formulated with a rich supply of xylitol and calcium, regular usage of Spry Tooth Gel supports the absorption of calcium for the development of healthy tooth enamel.

• Contains 35% xylitol

• Provides calcium glycerophosphate

• Available in 3 Natural Flavors: Original, Strawberry-Banana, and Bubble Gum

• Fluoride-free

• Gel formula—will adhere to teeth

• Dentist and hygienist recommended

• High xylitol content ensures efficacy (other sweeteners can affect efficacy of xylitol)

• Helps in development of tooth enamel

• "Kid-friendly" tastes

• Safe to be swallowed

• Easy to apply

• Longer adhesion ensures greater efficacy

Learn more about the benefits of xylitol at and place your order at

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