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Help for Oral Pain During Cancer Treatments

In February of 2016, Forwad Science launched SalivaMAX™, an FDA Cleared prescription rinse for patients suffering from all ranges of xerostomia (dry mouth) and mouth sores called oral mucositis. With the success of the product, it is now being prescribed by some of the largest and most advanced cancer centers in the nation.

SalivaMAX typically takes a few days to achieve its full potential, slowly replenishing the essential ions that are lost with lack of saliva and treating the root cause of xerostomia and/or oral mucositis. Taking a few days to become completely effective, cancer patients can sometimes experience a large amount of oral pain during their treatment course. Knowing the pain these patients suffer, Foward Science's R&D team has developed SalivaCAINE™ for this need. SalivaCAINE has many of the ingredients as SalivaMAX with the added benefit of Benzocaine for temporary oral pain relief.

SalivaMAX and SalivaCAINE are a perfect combination for anyone who is undergoing treatments for cancer. SalivaCAINE is used to relieve the pain at the same time SalivaMAX is used to treat the root cause of the problem. SalivaCAINE is provided FREE with any SalivaMAX prescription. Together, SalivaMAX and SalivaCAINE are a true solution for the common side effects cancer patients experience on a regular basis.    

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