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What Next

Besides dabbling on a personal Facebook account, Social Media had been a new and unfamiliar world to me until launching Side Effect Support LLC. One of my newest sources has been an online forum called What Next. They are self-described as, "The leading source of firsthand insights into cancer treatments & experiences of others on a similar path."  It is a great resource for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis.

I recently read a post on What Next from a gentleman who is a survivor of Stage II Head & Neck/Throat Cancer.  He described the latest of his dental treatments since diagnosis 4 years ago, which has ultimately led to extractions and a complete denture. Several others commented on his post to lend not only words of support and encouragement but also to share their own experiences with extreme dental problems throughout their cancer journey. As this gentleman so accurately stated, "AHHHH Cancer, the gift that just keeps on giving." I found the posts truly heartbreaking. It was obvious that there had been little to no guidance, early intervention or instruction of preventive care provided to help avoid extremely costly and painful treatments. This needs to change!

PLEASE, take 20 minutes to listen to this podcast from MD Anderson Cancer Center called "Cancer and Teeth."  Share it with dental and medical professionals along with those battling cancer for an overview about the importance of oral health before, during and after cancer treatments.

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