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Glycomics Technology For Dry Mouth Relief

Dry mouth is a common problem that leaves one at high risk for damage to oral health and diminished quality-of-life. The lack of protective elements in saliva promotes an acidic oral environment leading to demineralization of tooth structures and caries, increased risk for infections, sensitivity, and mucosal trauma. Dysgeusia, dysphasia and dysphonia are also reported depending on the level of salivary output.

Chitosan is derived from Chitin, which is a natural polysaccharide that comes from shells of marine life, such as lobsters, shrimp and crab. Chitosan has been studied for over 100 years and has proven to have medical and dental applications with bioactivity, hemostasis, bone repair, wound-healing, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Arginine is an amino acid that benefits dental health by promoting a healthy bacterial balance within the mouth, disrupting biofilm colonization and raising oral pH to neutralize plaque acids.

The study, Management of dry mouth: Assessment of oral symptoms after use of a polysaccharide-based oral rinse, evaluated the effectiveness of products called Moisyn, which contain Chitosan Argininamide (Chitosan Arginine). The study showed the patented polysaccharide chitosan derivative "has been shown by laboratory testing of oral cell toxicity to be non-cytotoxic, mucoadhesive and not product irritation, sensitization, or other oral adverse effects.”

After only seven days, this short-term study found positive feedback in several subjective and objective areas from participants who suffered from dry mouth, most notably in Whole Unstimulated/Resting Saliva (WRS).

Moisyn is the first glycomics targeted therapy that has been shown in a clinical study to reduce pain and increase comfort for patients living with dry mouth or xerostomia. Prisyna’s advanced, patented technology provides relief that soothes dry mouth symptoms. Relief of dry mouth supports a healthy mouth.

• Effective: Specially formulated to relieve the symptoms of dry mouth using advanced lubricants to hydrate and soothe dry, irritated oral tissues.
• Innovative chemistry utilizes key elements widely found in nature.
• Safe: No alcohol, detergents, parabens, or chlorhexidine.
• Proven Symptom Relief: Alleviates mouth pain, dryness, saliva thickness, and bad taste sensation.

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The majority of shellfish allergies are caused by a muscle protein tropomyosin. The highly purified chitosan derivatives in Moisyn and Synedent products are from the shrimp shell and not muscle tissue. We recommend that those who suffer from a shellfish allergy consult a qualified medical professional about use of the product and potential allergen testing.



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